Better Service – Better Tips

Written by on April 3, 2019

Sounds crazy doesn’t it? In our society today “customer service” has become an oxymoron. Yet, the truth remains – if you give better service, you will get better tips.

Take a few minutes to write down five things you can do to make your client feel better about their visit to your salon. Would they enjoy a scalp massage along with the shampoo? What would happen if you talked with your client about their interests instead of all your troubles? What if your sales pitch for products was a simple explanation about why you used it in their hair?

If you have trouble thinking of five things, make it a salon project. Get input from everyone who works with you. They would like to increase their tips. Think about what would happen if the entire salon became the place to go because of your outstanding customer service.

When your list is complete, work on one every day. At the end of the week you will discover which made an impact on your clients. If anything didn’t seem to work, try a different approach. Consider asking a few of your “regulars” what they like or what they would like to see you do.

Happy cutting!

IDEA - Give scalp massage

Massage in Shampoo bowl

IDEA - Demo products

Selling hair products

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